There are 18 Standard Classes in Warglaive, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. Your class is a combination of playstyle, favored attributes, and major skills. Your character's class determines what skills you will be most proficient in, and this in turn affects how you level. You can choose from a set of 18 Standard Classes, #X Classes, # Prestige Classes, or develop your own Custom Class. The class system is not rigid, as a player can easily mix skills of different classes to achieve a unique feel in each of their characters. Each class has basic gear types that are aligned to them but are in no way the only gear choices that are available. So long as a character meets the stat requirements, they can wear nearly any piece of gear. In no particular order the classes are: Warrior, Paladin, Cleric, Templar, Warlord, Warlock, Mage, Sorceror, Monk, Shaman, Druid, Bard, Ranger, Hunter, Rogue, Assassin, Dualist (will be changed to Berserker), and Brute. Character Creation Tools can be very helpful in determining which Standard Class or Custom Class will work best for your playstyle.

Classes that non-player characters (NPCs) use can be found in the article "NPC Classes".

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