If you enjoy playing a support healer that is capable of stopping enemies in their tracks and reviving dead allies, the cleric may be the class for you. As the primary healers, Clerics provide their allies with the best healing and buffing available. Clerics are members of a Church just like their Paladin brethren. They train in caring for others, but not without the defensive capabilities of their Smite and other ☀Holy spells. Clerics are encouraged to heal and buff thier allies, though Smiting enemies and dangers who defy their god is also encouraged. Their greatest abilities lie in the ways of helping others. Smiting provides long-ranged direct damage, their healing abilities also provide long-ranged support.

The Cleric is aligned to the aspect of Clarity and traditionally wear a combination of heavy and light chainmail armor such as Circlets, Spaulders, Vestments, Capes, Girdles, Manacles, Gauntlets, Boots, Rings, and Necklaces.

The cleric's aligned creature is the owl and they are known as "The Watcher" due to how they tend to weaken enemies, shield allies from incoming attacks, heal, and can even resurrect rather than having a focus on dealing damage.

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