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Warglaive Online (WGO) is an 8-bit themed, choose-your-own-saga ARPG based in character customization, discovery of active and passive skill synergies, gaining higher levels, item crafting, lottery-like treasure finding, trading, solo play or multiplayer co-op, player versus player, dungeon raids, and more while featuring a steep progression in difficulty all designed around an action-oriented base of finding successful ways to slay different types of enemies. Although it is a rougelike ARPG, there is a very complete story with dialogue as well as a robust atmosphere. A player may engage in some or all of the above features. In addition, it's free to play unless you wish to purchase cosmetic effects that give no gameplay advantage. The game is actively under development and new features are introduced on a regular basis.

WGO hosts competition in game variants called Leagues.

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