If you enjoy playing a caster who summons powerful malefic creatures to do your bidding at the cost of your own health, the warlock may be the class for you.

The Warlock is aligned to the aspect of Madness and traditionally wear light mageweave armor such as Hoods, Cuffs, Robes, Cloaks, Cords, Fetters, Slippers, Signets, and Amulets.

The warlock's aligned creature is the Cerberus and they are known as "The Malefic" due to how they can summon a variety of beings from other dimensions to accomplish nearly any variety of issue before them by any means necessary.

The major differentiating factor between Warlocks and other casters is that a Warlock's skills casting cost is a percent of his or her maximum mana instead of a specified and constant value.

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