If you enjoy playing a melee caster capable of reflecting the damage they take back to the attacker and transforming into a powerful demon in the heart of battle, the warlord may be the class for you.

The Warlord is aligned to the aspect of Suffering and traditionally wear a combination of heavy and light chainmail armor such as Circlets, Spaulders, Vestments, Cloaks, Girdles, Manacles, Fetters, Boots, Signets, and Amulets.

The Warlord's aligned creature is the demon and they are known as "The Bloodlusted" due to how they thrive in the heart of battle and can often put allies in a good place to secure kills if they cannot already do so themselves.

Warlords can convert incoming damage into Wounds. As a Warlord takes damage, they build Grey Health equal to their missing health that remains until they leave combat. As the Warlord takes damage he also gains a shield that quickly falls off equal to his grey health. Once he leaves combat, the grey health falls off, healing him for a portion of the amount of grey health he’s earned. The Warlord gains one Wound for every 6% oh his health that is currently grey health. Wounds empower many of the Warlord’s abilities, while some of these abilities require a minimum number of Wounds present in order to activate. Talents or traits can impact this ability in positive ways.

(Level 100 skill Demonform requires 12 wounds to activate)

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